August 8, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

I am the owner of the domain name.

I have received many complaints regarding products reported to have been ordered from a company using the name Pure Nutrients or Nature Cleanse.

Those products were not purchased from me or this web site and they were not purchased from any person or company that I am associated with.

Based on information I've received and reports on the internet, I believe the products were purchased from a company doing business as Pure Nutrients Products which sells products from the following web sites and possibly others.

At the time of this writing, at the bottom of each of the above web sites, it says: "Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved."

You should read the "Terms and Condition" and "Privacy" policy of this company by clicking on those links on the company's web sites.

Here are some notes from the "Terms and Condition" page on the website. These notes were correct at the time of this writing but could change.

Take particular note of the following paragraph and what it means.

"Approximately 30 days from your original purchase date and every 30 days thereafter you will be sent another one month supply of Natural Cleanse and your credit card on file will be billed $88.00 plus $5.95 shipping and handling."

Here are some other notes from the "Terms and Condition" page:

"If you are enjoying Natural Cleanse, then do nothing and at the end of your 12 day trial period, (5 for delivery, 7 for usage), your credit card will be charged the full price of $88.00 for your first month's supply."

"You may cancel your membership at any time by simply contacting customer service."

"You may contact our customer service department via our toll free phone number 1-866-779-7568 Customer Service representatives are available Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm EST."

You should also read the "Privacy" policy page thoroughly and take note of how this company collects and uses personal information.

The "Terms and Condition" page gives this name and address:

Pure Nutrients
273 Walt Whitman RD
Suite 274,
Huntington Station, NY 11746.

Be aware that this web site ( has no association with the above named company!

I purchased the domain name in 2003. However, I have never used this domain name (until now to post this information), and I have never conducted business under the name of Pure Nutrients,, Pure Nutrients Products, or any similar name.

Do an internet search for "Pure Nutrients Products" or "" and you will find more information about this company.

Here is some information I found.

Go to the Rip-off Report web site and do a search for "Pure Nutrients"."pure nutrients"

This page gives suggestions on how to dispute the charges and get your money back:

Some reports list these email addresses:

And these addresses and phone numbers:

Pure Nutrients
Phone:  877-779-7568
3280 Suntree Blvd. Ste 101
Melbourne, Florida, 32940

Pure Nutrients Products
Phone:  866-9511393
3280 Suntree Blvd Suite 101
Melbourne, Florida, 32940

Pure Nutrients
Phone:  866-7797568
181 Marsh Hill Road
Orange, Connecticut, 06477